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How to use a Provox Plug

You can use a plug to stop leakage through your voice prosthesis and until you see your clinician to get your voice prosthesis changed. Each plug is specific to the type of voice prosthesis you have so please check with your clinician before use.

Step 1

Stand or sit in front of a well-lit mirror to better see into your stoma and access your voice prosthesis. Ask someone for help if you are not able to place the plug yourself.

You’ll want to have both hands free to insert the plug. We recommend a magnifying mirror, up to 3x magnification (any higher than this may cause distortion and make it more difficult to see).

Step 2

Clean with soapy water for at least 20 seconds and rinse with tap water before use. Always make sure you wash your hands.

Use the back of the Provox brush and insert the plug onto the brush as shown in the image here.

Step 3

Insert the plug into the center of the Provox voice prosthesis, twist whilst pressing the plug against the voice prosthesis to facilitate insertion.

Tip: Hold the tab against the stem of the brush to insert more easily

Step 4

Once the plug is in place, tug gently to ensure it’s secured to your voice prosthesis.

Step 5

Tape the plug to your neck with skin friendly tape, as shown in the picture here. With the plug in place, you will be able to eat and drink without leakage through the voice prosthesis. Remember you won’t be able to speak when using the plug so remove it after you have finished eating and drinking.

You can continue to insert the plug when eating and drinking until you are able to see your clinician to change your voice prosthesis.

Tip: You can place the plug through the center of your baseplate to avoid removing your baseplate whilst using the plug. You can fit your HME over the plug strap.

Step 6

Disinfect the plug at least once per day if you are removing and reinserting it (see instructions inside the box on how to disinfect the plug). Store the plug in a clean container when not in use.

Please contact us on 0800 783 1659 if you would like any help using the plug.