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Provox Luna the night-time solution

To help you have better nights and prepare for better days

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Provox Luna

Helps you sleep comfortably, soothe your skin and improve your lung health

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Going through a total laryngectomy means breathing through a stoma, instead of your nose and mouth. While a laryngectomy means there will be change, it is still possible to live a fulfilling life.

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After a tracheostomy you will have a tracheostoma, with a tracheostomy tube entering your windpipe (trachea). This will change your way of breathing and speaking.

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Jaw Rehabilitation

If you experience problems in your daily life because you cannot open your mouth wide enough, or if you have pain in your jaw, you may have Trismus. We offer products to help with your rehabilitation needs.

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We offer a free nursing service to help provide guidance around laryngectomy stoma care.

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