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MyVoice Events September & October

Atos Medical will be hosting MyVoice events in September and October throughout communities in the UK.

They are called ‘MyVoice’ events because it’s all about you and your needs. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other people living with a total laryngectomy in your area. At these events, peer-to-peer experiences are shared and exchanged. It’s nice to know that other people share the same concerns and aspirations as you or are going through similar challenges.

The topic that we will cover in September and October is a ‘Strong Voice’ event is all about providing you with exercises that could help you achieve a stronger voice together with other people who are also laryngectomees. Losing your voice is a life changing experience, so the aim of the event is to make you feel more confident when expressing yourself amongst other people.

These events will give some general information on what makes a good voice and, more specifically how to improve your speech with a voice prosthesis. Even if you don’t have a voice prosthesis, we hope there will still be helpful insights on how to communicate with those around you.

Your product specialist through this interactive session will be able to guide you through these topics and will provide you with exercises on how you can potentially improve your voice. This year’s events have been shaped and inspired by our conversations with thousands of users all over the world.

These events are typically for small groups, so you can meet with your local Atos Medical representative and get to know others in a more relaxed setting. The agenda is largely driven by the topics you want covered, but please feel free to bring along any family or friends - it will be great to see you there!

Countrywide Supplies is part of the Atos Medical Group. Atos Medical host ‘My Voice Events’ events across the UK where you will be able to meet other people who've had a laryngectomy and learn from their experience.

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To find out if there is an event in your area please contact: or call 0115 784 1897