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Winter Warmer: Smell, Taste and Swallowing

MyVoice Events November & December

Atos Medical will be hosting MyVoice events in November and December throughout communities in the UK.

They are called ‘MyVoice’ events because it’s all about you and your needs. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other people living with a total laryngectomy in your area. At these events, peer-to-peer experiences are shared and exchanged. It’s nice to know that other people share the same concerns and aspirations as you or are going through similar challenges.

The topic that we will cover in November and December is a ‘Winter Warmer: Smell, Taste and Swallowing’. You and a guest are invited to join us for mince pies and festive spirit at our next free community event.

At Atos Medical we‘re passionate about creating the best products to support a better quality of life for all laryngectomees. So we’d love you to join us at this event where we will talk about smell, taste and swallowing.

We have created an easy winter receipt booklet with some tasty recipes you can make over the winter season.


The aim of the event is to make you feel more confident when expressing yourself amongst other people. We will also be holding a short Christmas Quiz.

Which record was a Christmas No.1 in 1975 and 1991?

If you think you know the answer come along to our event!

This year’s events have been shaped and inspired by our conversations with thousands of users all over the world. These events are typically for small groups, so you can meet with your local Atos Medical representative and get to know others in a more relaxed setting. The agenda is largely driven by the topics you want covered, but please feel free to bring along any family or friends - it will be great to see you there!


Countrywide Supplies is part of the Atos Medical Group. Atos Medical host ‘MyVoice Events’ events across the UK where you will be able to meet other people who've had a laryngectomy and learn from their experience.

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To find out if there is an event in your area please contact: or call 0115 784 1897