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Our commitment to you and your patients

Focused on helping people in the laryngectomy and tracheostomy area

We are the only Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) with a specialist focus on laryngectomy and tracheostomy. We have dedicated Customer Managers for each therapy area which allows us to offer better patient care and understanding.

Committed to serving all patients


We are able to serve users directly across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland through activities that include user events, service calls and a delivery service.

Empowering our end-users

We pride ourselves on putting the patient at the heart of everything we do and we believe that working together in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers ultimately will lead to improved health outcomes.

We understand how essential patient supplies are to maintaining a good quality of life, that is why we endeavour to give patients everything that they need from a home dispensing service.

We continue to liaise and collaborate with Healthcare Professionals (Speech and Language Therapists and ENT nurses) allowing us to make sure patients are getting the most suitable product or service for their different requirements.

Personal service

Each person who uses our service has a named Customer Manager with whom they liaise to place their orders. Our Customer

Managers are specifically assigned to either tracheostomy or laryngectomy, to enable them to develop ongoing relationships with

customers and provide a more personalised and supportive service.

Empathetic and informed

Our in-house Speech and Language Therapists provide training to the Countrywide team. This enables the customer care team (‘Customer Managers’) to understand the key issues affecting people with laryngectomy and tracheostomy, communicate more effectively with them, and provide a helpful and understanding ordering service.

The customer care team also receive training on the full Countrywide product ranges, which allows them to answer simple product-based questions or to spot issues with a patient’s order. In the case of any clinical questions or issues, patients are advised to liaise with their own healthcare team for advice and support.

Inclusive and convenient communication

Our customers can choose to communicate with us in whichever way they feel most comfortable, for example by phone, text message, email or via our website. Customers can also identify a named person or people to speak to us on their behalf if communication is difficult.

Tailored to the customer’s preference

We have a range of contact preferences available, in keeping with up to date GDPR legislation. These options allow the customer

to determine how frequently they would like to speak with us.

For customers who prefer a proactive approach, we offer a planned no-obligation four weekly check-in call, so that remembering to ring and request their appliances is one less thing for the customer to think about. For customers who prefer to contact us when they need us, they can easily opt out of these regular calls.

Customers can also choose whether or not they would like to be kept up to date with upcoming marketing information, such as events, product releases and other relevant information. A customer is free to change their mind or alter their contact and marketing consent and preferences at any time, and compliance with this consent is rigorously monitored by our Compliance Officer.

Focus on clinical governance

As required by our NHS contract, we adhere to and audit on, the same regulations as the NHS. All of our clinical team, SLTs and nurses, are actively registered and governed by their respective professional bodies.

In addition, our data protection officer and governance manager is herself, a registered nurse with many years’ experience working within the NHS. This unique combination allows us to deliver the highest standards of compliance without losing the holistic understanding that all clinicians strive for.

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