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Our commitment to you and your patients

Support for you

At Countrywide Supplies, we have a reliable and easy to use home delivery service which is designed to guarantee your patients are equipped with products they need and have that additional support when they come home from hospital after a laryngectomy or tracheostomy procedure.

Once you have created your CWS account it is a straightforward process to register your patient and then place their orders.

Logging into the account will then enable you to:

  • order samples 
  • search our online products
  • order a welcome pack
  • request an Appliance Use Review (AUR) for your patient
  • sign up to our free news service

We have a highly-trained team of dedicated representatives who engage with healthcare professionals to ensure that orders and any queries are dealt with properly and accurately.

Support for your patients

We strive to provide a full and proper service for your patients.

Each patient will receive a welcome pack with their first order and then a personal call to ensure that:

  • their appliance have been received in a good condition
  • their appliances have been received in good order 
  • they understand the contents of their parcel 
  • they are comfortable with the future order process for their appliances
  • they understand the work we can do on their behalf to obtain their prescription from the GP

Throughout this process their consent will be obtained to cover:

  • use of their personal information to process their prescriptions    
  • agreement on the frequency of service calls  
  • nomination of someone to talk on their behalf if necessary                      
  • a record of their preference with regards to marketing and services updates

The Countrywide Supplies service aims to provide a full and proper service to your patients

Each patient is allocated a dedicated Customer Care Representative to ensure that:

  • we work with your patient so they only order
  • what is required consistent with their condition and prescription 
  • emergency supplies can be approved by the GP to be dispatched before the prescription is received                            
  • your patient is ordering the right quantity of supplies for the month

We hold an extensive inventory of Laryngectomy, Tracheostomy and Jaw Rehabilitation supplies within our warehouse to make sure your patients will always receive what they need in good time.

We deliver to the whole of the UK, including a specified UK holiday address in an emergency.

We aim to deliver orders to a nominated address within two working days of receiving the prescription.

Our registration process ensures that all of your patients’ details are processed efficiently, securely and with the confidence that their first order will be delivered on arrival home from the hospital.

As part of our service we offer Appliance Usage Reviews (AURs) conducted by qualified nurses. This service is currently available in selected areas.

Register a patient

We offer a free nursing service to help provide guidance around laryngectomy stoma care.

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